Lynx Awning

The initial function of an awning is to defend, or protect from overbearing sunlight. It’s providing shade, whether it’s hot or cold outside. Window awnings can effectively decrease the amount of sunlight that is accessing your home. Natural light is a great asset to have in your home, but having an excess of it can be distracting, and simply unpleasant. An alternative purpose of the awning is that it provides an immediate sense of visual value, which is always a welcomed addition. Awnings come be in different shapes and sizes, and there’s plenty of different ways you can go. Lynx can be motorized or manual with a selection of 75 fabric colours to choose from and 1600 colours for frame colour, Motorised awnings are powered by Somfy motor.

Awnings and full cassette Acrylic fabric
We offer over 75 different colors to choose from, solid or stripes colors at no extra!! The acrylic fabric is 100% waterproof and blocks 98% uv rays choose the best choose sattler fabric. Sattler offers premium quality in every fiber.High-Tex is not only a promise, but a fact that can be sensed in every meter of our fabrics. Our premium awning fabrics are made from 100 % solution-dyed branded acrylic. This guarantees top-Level functionality, outstanding UV protection and an amazing textile feel. Colors resist fading, and fabrics will not break down even after years of exposure to the sun.

Your benefits:
- Colors remain bright and luminous for many years.
- High UV fastness protecting the colors from fading as well as fabric degradation.
- Outstanding water, dirt and fungus repellence
- Best weather-proof outdoor fiber

Sattler ensures maximum UV protection
What many of us ignore: we are also exposed to UV rays, which are harmful to our skin, even in the shade. This is why it is particularly important for Sattler that our fabrics undergo the most rigorous tests. Our fabrics are tested according to the UV Standard 801. This testing method does not only consider the fabric when new, but also how the fabric behaves under different weather conditions. This means the fabrics are exposed to extreme conditions (e. g. extreme exposure to the sun and weather). This helps to determine if the fabric keeps its durability promise over the years. This is the only way to ensure that the fabric you choose will meet your demands. How much protection do we offer? UV 80 = Blocks 98,75 % of UV radiation.

Somfy Motors
Somfy® is the leading global manufacturer of strong, quiet motors with electronic and app controls for interior window coverings and exterior solar protections. Over 270 million users worldwide enjoy the more than 170 million motors produced by Somfy. Somfy motors have over 600 approved standards worldwide.